December 30, 2011

Pictures and Stats

Even though I hate to take/post/look at pictures of myself, the time has come to throw them out there. I know eventually it will be fun to see the progress :)

This was me at the start of it all....365ish pounds and BMI 62.7- yikes! This picture was in May 2009, but I was about the same when I started Optifast in December 2010. I lost about 50 pounds on 6 weeks of Optifast. Then transitioned over to healthier eating and lost another 70 or so.

This was a couple months ago...down to 230lbs and BMI 39.8. Still a long way to go, but better :) (Photo by Cindy Stansberry Photography)

The months of November and December where not very good in the healthy eating department and I gained 17 pounds back.....247lbs and BMI 42.7  :(   (Photo by Cindy Stansberry Photography)

And next up are the obligatory, "crappy cellphone self-portraits in the bathroom mirror front and side-views" LOL

Moving on to Stats....

I'm sure I did measurements when I started in Dec 2010, but I can't find them, so here are the current measurements.

Waist: 48"
Hips: 55.5"
Arm (L): 15.5"
Bust: 49"
Thigh (L): 26"

Excited to see how the pictures and measurements change in 2012!!


  1. Thank you Erin! Long way to go, but definitely heading in the right direction :)



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