December 29, 2011

Day 2

Well, I learned two things today. 1) It's very hard to open a Mini Babybel cheese thingy in the dark, while driving. 2) When you drop said cheese in the floorboard with the heat on full blast, it melts....quickly. Eww!

That being said, it was an otherwise uneventful day. I have a cold and nothing really tastes good anyway, so I've done ok in the craving arena. Boo for colds, yay for not wanting to eat! :)

I have to say though, this healthy eating is EXPENSIVE! Today after my workout I thought I was going to fall out and needed some quick calories (note to self: eat before the gym). So, I ran in the grocery and picked up a bag of red, seedless grapes. Now generally, I don't eat these kinds of foods, so I'm thinking $2.99/lb, not bad. I mean how heavy can this little bag be? WRONG! That bag o' grapes was almost $10!! I about choked at the register and ran for the closest McD's! $10 is a lot of cheeseburgers and fries! But then, I reminded myself how expensive it will be when I wind up with high BP, diabetes, and heart failure. I bought my grapes of gold with a sense of pride and accomplishment and just a little more confidence that Yes! I CAN do this!!

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