January 5, 2012


Wow! Who knew you could burn over 1000 calories cleaning out the garage? I am so sore! I guess you must use different muscles picking up boxes, bending over, sweeping, carrying random objects, etc than those workout DVDs :)

I am SO competitive! Not so much with other people, but with myself, so when I found the Nexercise app I was crazy excited!  It gives you XPs for your workouts and then you get medals and level up. I'm on Level 2 after Operation Clean Garage today - yay me!

I've really been trying hard to eat at home. I NEVER eat at home. It's just me and I don't like left-overs, so what's the point? Well, after having gains 3 days in a row (and eating what I thought were healthy restaurant options), I have cooked for the last 2 days. And guess what? I lost 3.4lbs - WHOOHOO!!! I guess it's off to the store to get more ingredients tomorrow cuz I would love to keep THAT trend up :)

Well, this girl is TIRED and there is more to be done for Operations Clean Garage tomorrow, so off to bed I go. Night!

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